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We hope to see you soon!
Never tried Sushi and Hibachi?
Try us and we guarantee you will walk out hooked on our food.

That is what we do best; making non-believers into believers that Japanese sushi and grill is the new comfort food. When you walk into our Restaurant, what you will encounter is Asian décor and soft music playing, people smiling and our friendly staff welcoming you through the doors.

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Hibachi – all about the grilling and fine dining

    Live grill counter and food straight off the grill to the plate, is an eating and lifestyle technique that has gained much popularity in the recent times, all across the globe. Although this technique has been there into use as Hibachi since the beginning of the 1st century, it was restricted only to […]

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hibachi nyc

How are hibachi grills inspired in NYC?

    New York City has a very unique tradition of grills as well as barbeque ovens. However, when it comes to introduction of hibachi grills, even the culinary experts in that place is a little unaware to this particular culinary piece. Well, this concerned hibachi grill is one of the most popular grills these days […]

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hibachi cook

How to cook on a Hibachi grill in a Hibachi restaurant

    Hibachi is one of the most ancient cooking techniques originating in Japan. Although it was something like a ceramic pot in its original avatar, restaurants and home cooking have adopted the even more scientific cast iron Hibachi grill. The cooking technique incorporates the usage of iron grills and also charcoal, that imparts a […]